Pro-Triathlete Profile: Brad Pigage

Today we get back to our athlete profiles and continue to introduce you to some of the amazing elite athletes that support Team RWB.  Meet Brad Pigage, a US Coast Guard rescue swimmer, elite athlete, and all-around super guy!

Name: Bradley Pigage
Nickname: B-rad
Age: 26

Do you have a blog Team RWB can follow?  www.bradleypigage.blogspot.com
Significant other and kids?  Currently single with no little ones
When did you get into triathlon and why?  Got into triathlon back in the summer of 05. My good buddy at the time went back home for vacation and came back with a road bike. I looked at him funny for a few weeks while he took off in his spandex on these 3 hour rides. I had to see what the big deal was, so I borrowed a beater from another friend and went out for a ride with him. I didn’t go pretty, but I was hooked. Signed up for a triathlon soon after.
Do you have a favorite race?  Probably the Armed Forces National Championship. Not really for the pretty scenery or anything but just getting to hang out with all the teams for the few days we’re there. Triathlon is such an individual sport most of the time so it’s nice to experience the team aspect of it.
What is your best race memory?  The second race I won overall was the Sandman Triathlon in Virginia Beach.  I had won my first race earlier that season but I didn’t know I had actually won because I started in a wave behind. The Sandman I had started with the Open/Elite wave. The whole run is done on the boardwalk right on the beach with hotels and spectators everywhere. There was a huge crowd of people cheering as I crossed the finish line. It was pretty awesome.
When you reach the point of the race where you have to dig down deep, what do use as personal
motivation?  I’ve always had a no quit attitude. I know that however I feel at a moment in a race,  there is always someone else pushing themselves harder.  So when I reach that point, I think about all those who are going through much worse like fighting cancer, or fighting for their lives in war. I have it easy out there.
What is your favorite leg of a triathlon and why?  The bike is definitely where I like to shine. Lately I’ve been having some pretty good runs so that leg can be enjoyable, but the bike is where I really get into the zone and just go. I try to give myself as much cushion as I can for the run.
What is your favorite pre-race food? I usually start race morning off with either a bagel with peanut butter and jam or Oatmeal with peanut butter. Gotta have that peanut butter!!
What is your favorite post-race food?  Freebirds Burrito. It’s kind of like a Chipotle but way better. It’s a Texas thing.  Also like to end the night with some Coldstone Ice Cream.
Besides triathlon, what do you do for fun?  I have a great group of friends that I love to go out with. Wii Tournaments, cookouts, boating, wakeboarding, ping pong, beach volleyball.   Also love to just kick back sometimes and play a little guitar.
Why Team RWB and supporting the military?  I come from a military family. My grandfather, father, and brother all served in one or more services, and I am currently going into my 9th year in the Coast Guard as a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer.  So you better believe I am all for what Team RWB represents!

Significant Race History/Results:
10th  in my age group and 100thOverall in the 2006 70.3 World Championships. 
2 back to back 9th Overalls at the Military National Championships in 2009 2010.
7 Overall Wins in 2010.
1st Local Elite at the US Open in Dallas, TX 2010.


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Pro-Triathlete Profile: Jolene Wilkinson

Today we introduce you to another of our Team RWB Pro Ambassadors.  A member of the USAF Reserves, a coach, a triathlete with a long history in the sport (childhood to now!) that includes national and world championship titles, we introduce you to Jolene Wilkinson! 

Name:  Jolene Wilkinson
Nickname: Maverick, Jojo
Age: 37

Do you have a Twitter account where people can follow you? A blog? Facebook!
Significant other and kids? I have an amazing boyfriend, Miguel, who is very supportive.
When did you get into triathlon and why?  I have been racing since age 14 when I did an Ironkids race (yes it has been that long). I was an elite gymnast and when I quit, I was bored in my small town and needed something to do.
Do you have a favorite race?  Columbia Triathlon in Maryland-the course, the volunteers, money goes to charity, and a race director who is there for the athletes.
What is your best race memory? There are 2-winning my first junior national championship and winning my age-group world championships
When you reach the point of the race where you have to dig down deep, what do use as personal motivation?  All of the hard work and preparation I have put into it and trying to reach another level or goal.
What is your favorite leg of a triathlon and why?  I like all of them. Maybe the transitions-that is the only part I seem to have the best splits in anymore.
What is your favorite pre-race food?  Pasta and chicken the night before. I like the socializing at the pre-race pasta parties.
What is your favorite post-race food?  Anything at the finish line.  Pizza and ice cream can be a treat.
Besides triathlon, what do you do for fun?  Ski, kayak, paddleboard, camping, travel, spending time with my dogs and my boyfriend.
Why Team RWB and supporting the military?  It just fits so perfectly!

Significant Race History/Results:
Military worlds ad USAF athlete
2x USA Junior national champion
2X world age-group champion (both Olympic and long-course in one year)
Hawaii IM finisher
15th at world long-course championships for elite in 2009


Pro-Triathlete Profile: James Bales

Today we bring you another Team RWB Pro Ambassador! He's a father, a doctor, an active duty Air Force Officer, and defending US Armed Forces Male Champion, meet James Bales!
Name: James Bales
Age: 31
Significant other and kids? Wife (Karrn Bales), 1 son (Jeremiah – 11 mos)
When did you get into triathlon and why? I was a varsity swimming letter winner at the US Air Force Academy for 4 years, but didn’t start biking and running until I went to medical school at Georgetown University and parking cost $6 a day.  In order to avoid parking fees, I started biking and running the 10 mile trip each way.  Shortly afterward, I entered my first triathlon.
Do you have a favorite race? I enjoy the camaraderie that is associated with the Armed Forces National Triathlon Championships.
What is your best race memory? Any race where I see my wife and son cheering for me!
When you reach the point of the race where you have to dig down deep, what do use as personal motivation? I think back to my childhood growing up on a sheep farm.  It was my job to work-out the market lambs to build lean muscle mass, so I would have to chase them though an obstacle course on a daily basis.  At the end of a triathlon, I know that none of my competitors can run as fast as a sheep.
What is your favorite leg of a triathlon and why? I enjoy the run portion of the race.  I think I like it because you know the finish line is waiting.
What is your favorite pre-race food? Dairy Queen Medium Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard.
What is your favorite post-race food? Spaghetti.
Besides triathlon, what do you do for fun? SCUBA diving, reading, traveling.
Why Team RWB and supporting the military?  As an orthopedic surgeon and pro triathlete the cause that Team RWB stands of reintegrating our wounded veterans into society is something that I am extremely passionate about.  I have performed numerous amputations, prescribed hundreds of prosthetics, and written physical therapy regimes for our returning wounded troops.  I am now proud to represent them at triathlon venues and raise awareness for their cause.
Significant Race History/Results: 
Elite Triathlete since 2009
2010 Armed Forces National Champion
6- time Armed Forces runner-up
Air Force World Class Athlete Program
2010 Air Force Athlete of the Year
Nearly a decade of top finishes at triathlon events from sprint to ironman at both the local and international level.