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This weekend, we are very excited to bring you an interview with Ashley Quinn, one of Revolution3 (Rev3's) great employees.  Ashley was kind enough to give us a great deal of her time and address a number of questions regarding Rev3, their races, and the very exciting partnership between Rev3 and Team RWB.  As many of you know, Rev3 puts on a number of great races across the US and into the Caribbean (click here for their race schedule: http://rev3tri.com/events/ -- note that their first race for 2012 is just about a month out in beautiful Costa Rica), and with races ranging from Olympic to full distance and even an adventure race, it's easy to see that Rev3 has something for every athlete.  Rev3 also partnered with Team RWB last year at a very special and moving tribute to the ten year anniversary of September 11 at their very popular Cedar Point event.  Going into this season, Team RWB is extremely honored and grateful for Rev3's commitment to partner together and help support our wounded warriors.  Here is our interview with Ashley as Rev3 looks forward to another exciting season that features some new events and the return of some extremely popular races.  

Team RWB: First off, I would love to get some background on you - how long have you been with Rev3, your official title, and how you got started with the company.  Additionally, some additional background on Rev3 would be great.   

AQ: I have been with Rev3 for almost a year now. I will be celebrating my one year anniversary with the company in Costa Rica in March this year, not a bad gig :) I started with Rev3 as the Volunteer Coordinator in Knoxville in 2009 (Rev3's first year in Knoxville) I lived in Knoxville at the time and I helped recruit volunteers from around the area. They thought they were done with me when I accepted a job in Miami for the following year but when things did not work out I graciously accepted the position at Rev3. I guess you could say my official title is Director of Operations but we have such a great team that is so well rounded I would say we all do a little bit of everything.
Revoultion3 is going into it's fourth year as a company this year, which is really exciting. We have added three new venues to our 2012 series and we are watching our old races like Quassy take off and become a force of their own. Revolution3 started when our President, Charlie Patten, did his first Ironman and was waiting in line to sign up for next year. He thought it was crazy that he had to sign up a year in advance for a race he MIGHT be able to compete in if everything worked out. He thought there had to be a better way and Rev3 was born. We spend every day striving to make ourselves the most family and athlete friendly race company there is.

Team RWB:  Last year, Rev3 partnered with Team RWB for the Cedar Point event, which fell on the weekend of September 11.  Your partnership and support of all the athletes was very much appreciated by the Team - what can we look forward to from a Rev3/Team RWB partnership in 2012?   

AQ: Oh of course! We actually felt we stretched ourselves a little too thin with charity partners in 2011. We wanted to help EVERYONE and because of that we felt we did not give enough attention to any specific charities. So for 2012 we picked two charities we really want to focus and put all of our effort into and Team Red, White, and Blue was on top of that list.

Team RWB:  Toward the end of last season, Rev3 announced three new races location, Maine, Florida, and Wisconsin, joining an already impressive and fun (Costa Rica!) list of existing race sites.  From Quassy, you now have nine tri venues with events ranging from Olympic/International Distance to full Rev (140.6).  What's next for Rev3 in terms of expansion?  Of the new race sites, is there one you are particularly excited for?   

AQ: We also added Half Full in MD, we have hit double digits! It is exciting to be growing as fast as we are. We already have even more venues up our sleeves for 2013 and definitely another Full to add to the mix. I am really excited for this year, to go to our new venues and naturally Costa Rica since I have never been.

Team RWB: I noticed that you also have tentative plans for an adventure race in Luray, VA in April - is that an avenue that Rev3 will be pursuing more in the future?  

AQ: Yes, Rev3 has an adventure side that we partner with. Our race in Luray is awesome. It is a 24 hour adventure race, combined with a family sprint adventure race, and a sprint adventure race. Last year it rained the entire time and turned into a giant mud bath but everyone had an amazing time. Our Adventure side will be expanding by adding their own races and added family adventure races along with our triathlons, for example we are doing a Urban Challenge in Knoxville on race weekend this year. It is going to be a city wide scavenger hunt, should be great.

Team RWB:  As a race organization, what are some of the challenges you face in putting on the quality events that Rev3 is quickly gaining a well-deserved reputation for having?  How can we, as athletes, make your jobs and lives easier?  

AQ: Great question, honestly, feedback is the number one thing we can use to make our events better and make our athletes happier. At a race I don't get to see everything that is going on, so sometimes an athlete can catch something I  missed, if I know about it we can have a plan to make it change and make it better for next year. We love compliments and listen to criticism, it is what helps us grow.

Team RWB: Of all the races on the Rev3 docket, is there any one that is particularly special to you?  Conversely, do you have a particularly funny story to share from an event?  

AQ: I am from Knoxville, Tennessee so I have an attachment to that race. The first year in Knoxville everyone was concerned about the railroad tracks. I assured everyone that the tracks were fine, you would pretty much have to be an idiot to wreck your bike on these tracks. So, naturally on race day I was biking from aid station to aid station and I hit the tracks and ate it hard. I had to get checked out by the EMT on site and then they had to put a bandage on my face that when from my ear all the way down to my chin and I had to walk around with it for the rest of the day. My first day back to Rev3 I was still referred to as "the girl who fell on the train tracks."

Team RWB: As racers, some of us may at times fall into the trap of thinking we have this spectacle all figured out.  From your perspective as a race organizer who has no doubt seen countless athletes in all states of disorganization, do you have any race tips?  

AQ:  Plan ahead and don't stress. I have seen people about to hit the roof during a situation that has a super easy fix, there is always a solution. Just enjoy the day! 

Team RWB would like to thank Ashley for her generosity with her time and her great responses.  We would also like to thank Rev3 for their support and partnership and wish them all the best for the 2012 season - it certainly looks like it will be another great one.  If you are new to the sport and are looking for a great package deal, check out Rev3's wetsuit and a race (http://rev3tri.com/news/blueseventy-helix-wetsuit-free-registration/).  Finally, we would like to encourage all of our teammates to consider racing a Rev3 event this season - you'd be hard pressed to find a more professionally run or athlete (and family) friendly endeavor.  

As a closing note, the blog team would like to pass along shout outs to Team RWB ambassador and Army Veteran Steven Holcomb, who has been having a great weekend at the Bobsled World Championships in Lake Placid, winning the gold medal - the first for any American in the WC's two-man event.  Also to Stephen Armes, who raced the Okinawa Marathon, finishing as the 1st American and 16th overall (out of approximately 30,000).  And finally, congratulations to everyone who raced/is racing this weekend - Austin half and full, and anyone who joined our great friends at the Emerald Coast Tri Club for the inaugural Bluewater Bay Duathlon.  Race season is truly upon us.  

Happy Trails.  


Team RWB Austin Tri Camp

Teammates -

If you follow Team RWB on Twitter, then you are already aware of a great team announcement - the Austin Tri Camp being held this April.  Focused primarily on introducing wounded veterans to triathlon, this camp will be hosted by Coach Derick Williamson and Team RWB Pro Ambassador Jessica Jacobs, giving our wounded veterans amazing access to two of the best in the business.

If you are interested, or know a wounded veteran who might be interested, please check out the website for all the details:  http://www.austintricamp.com/.  We have a great team of RWB members responsible for putting this together and from the blog team, we thank each of you for the efforts you are making to help introduce our wounded veterans to this great sport.

On a different note, if you are looking for some added motivation for your run tomorrow, please consider joining the virtual run in memory of Sherry Arnold, a wife, sister, teacher, and runner who was abducted and killed on her morning run.  For the full story, please see this link: http://othervoices.runnersworld.com/2012/01/a-virtual-run-in-memory-of-sherry-arnold-2-11-12/?cm_mmc=Twitter-_-RunnersWorld-_-Content-Blog-_-OtherVoicesSherry 

As we train, we all know that there are inherent risks involved, but it is appalling and saddening to know that these kinds of things happen.  As always, we can only remind everyone to train smart - take an ID with you when you run and make sure someone knows where you are going and when you should be home.  As we all know from being in or around the military, the buddy system - as ridiculous as it sometimes seems - serves a valuable purpose that can benefit us all here at home as well.  While what happened to Sherry is as rare as it is horrific, we all deal with the common realities of distracted drivers, accidents, and equipment malfunctions.  Please stay safe out there.

Happy trails.


Gopher Soles

Teammates - 

As you may have heard by now, the damn gopher that predicts winter is saying we'll have six more weeks of it.  Here in Italy, we have just been through two straight days of snow, which has effectively been dubbed the storm of the decade, so I am hoping the winter-predicting wombat is wrong.  My training (even the gym was closed today for the weather) is suffering from all the snow and Bologna's worse-than-DC ability to deal with it.  Or is it all that bad?  In the last few days, between traveling and now the storm, my early season marathon training plan has had more gaps in it than a six year old's smile.  However, the runs that I have been able to get in, running on well-rested, fresh legs have been of much better quality than they might have been otherwise.  Perhaps there is something to be said for additional rest, especially in the early months of the year.  

Separately, this very interesting video was just posted to YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJTMe_Q2e70.  It shows some amazing advances being made by existing companies (in this case Nike) that can really help athletes who use prosthetics perform better.  As Sarah Reinersten, herself an above the knee amputee, Ironman World Championship finisher, and World Record holder says at the end, "anyone who has a body has the potential to be an athlete."  Watching Sarah run in the video certainly shows that she is making full use of her potential, and mainstream companies are responding to that.  Developments like these, both in terms of the science and the attitude toward challenged athletes of all kinds will hopefully also benefit our Wounded Warriors, especially as they look to rehabilitate through racing - a Team RWB goal.  

Finally, for those of you who are looking to prove Phil the marsupial wrong, don't forget the Emerald Coast Tri Club's Bluewater Bay Duathlon (3K run, 15K bike, 5K run) is just over three weeks away - February 25, 2012 (http://www.ectriclub.org/Duathlon.php).  The EC Tri Club, part of the large Eglin AFB community, has partnered with Team RWB for 2012.  

Happy trails.