Team RWB Elite Ambassador: Brad Williams

After a very successful year, to include a stellar 9:36 at Kona, Brad Williams, a member of the US Air Force, has taken the step to join Team RWB as one of our Elite Ambassadors! We're thrilled to have him as part of the Team representing from across the world in Korea! Team RWB- Meet Brad Williams!
Brad Williams triumphantly finishes Kona 2011
Name: Brad Williams
Nickname: Bad Brad (been around since I was 4 years old and caught back on in H.S.)
Age: 25
Do you have a Twitter account where people can follow you? A blog?
Do you have a significant other and kids? Single and no kids
When did you get into triathlon and why? I got into triathlon while I was stationed at Osan AB, South Korea.  I had already been here a year and had wasted the whole first year partying and doing what most 21 year olds do.  In 2008 I saw a flyer for a sprint triathlon and in March of 2008 I started training and have been hooked ever since.
Do you have a favorite race? I would have to say Kona was my all time favorite, but a close second would have to be Wildflower.  The environment at both races is just electrifying and really exciting.
What is your best race memory?  Getting to Kona on my first attempt via IM Korea.  Then showing up to Kona and not being “known” in the military circle of athletes.  I was not the official representative for the Air Force but had a break through race and finished 2nd Overall out of all the military athletes.  Being able to cross the line at Kona with the US Flag, was by far the most emotional and exciting times during a race.
When you reach the point of the race where you have to dig down deep, what do use as personal motivation?  I started racing for a purpose in September of 2010 and that is when digging down deep became a little easier.  Each race I would chose something different to race for and whatever I was racing that race for is what I would use to get me through the tough patches.
What is your favorite leg of a triathlon and why? I think training is probably the best part of triathlon, because it is the journey that gets you to the start line.  Oh wait you said leg of triathlon ;)  I am not a good swimmer by any means, so you can rule that out really quick, but I would say it would have to be the run, because that is where the race is either won or lost.
What is your favorite pre-race food? My go to food on race morning is instant oatmeal, it is easy to travel with and when traveling through Asia having an easy food that you can take everywhere is key.  I usually go with the Apple Cinnamon flavor.
What is your favorite post-race food? Anything and everything in sight, and then of course a cold beer.
Besides triathlon, what do you do for fun? Triathlon takes up a majority of my time, and then on top of that I take 5-6 college classes a year.  So there isn’t much time for anything else.  But once school is done and I find some more time in my life I will get back to snow skiing, water skiing, golfing, camping, fishing, pretty much anything outdoors.
Why Team RWB and supporting the military? I started racing for a purpose in September of 2010, and since then I have changed that purpose every race.  I like that Team RWB focuses on wounded veterans and getting them back into the “real world”.  I couldn’t think of a better way to do that than with something that I love with endurance events.  It is a great way to meet people and make a great network of friends throughout the world.  You never know what tomorrow will bring you, and I could be a wounded veteran tomorrow needing a fellow Team RWB member to help me out.  I feel fortunate to be on the helping side of things and hope that I can make a small difference in someone’s life.

Significant Race History/Results:
- 2011 IM World Champs 2nd Overall Military finisher: 9:36:39 32nd/94 Age Group/225th Overall
-2011 IM Korea- 10:00:31 4th/44 Age Group/19th Amateur
-2011 Silicon Valley LC Tri- 1st/21 Age Group/3rd Overall
-2011 IM 70.3 Singapore- 4:34:39 3rd/98 Age Group/19th Amateur
-2011 DMZ Road Race- Male 20’s Age Group Winner/1st Finisher
-2010 DMZ Half Marathon-1:18:55 13th/1,362 Overall
-2010 Chuncheon Marathon- 2:58:12 98th/12,020 Overall
-2009 IM 70.3 China- 5:16:34 1st/3 Age Group/4th Amateur
-2009 Air Force Marathon- 3:11:54 #1 USAFE Male Runner
-2009 IM 70.3 World Champs- 4:39:26 37th/55 Age Group
-2008 Osan AB Sprint Tri (First Triathlon)