Team RWB Pro-Ambassador Kathy Rakel's SuperFrog Report- 9/11

As we reported in our last blog, Kathy Rakel trekked her way from Arizona to Coronado, CA and joined our Team RWB California crew on tackling the SuperFrog Triathlon.  Take a moment to read her account about race day on her blog Kathy Rakel and SuperFrog (<--click there).

Thanks for sharing, Kathy! Kathy also has a new website, so if you're interested in following the adventures of a rising pro-triathlete, bookmark and follow her on www.kathyrakel.com.

Whether you're a Team RWB Pro or Age Grouper, we are always looking for your race reports, stories, and pictures! If you're interested in sharing your blog or race report here, please let us know via Facebook or email Brittany (brittany@teamrwb.org).  Keep up the great work, you all are inspiring! 


Team RWB Tri and 9/11 Race Weekend

REV 3 Cedar Point, OH 

Team RWB at REV3 Cedar Point: RWB Booth Group Photo
Team RWB had an AMAZING time at REV3 Cedar Point.  Our athletes did amazing, we met tons of great new people interested in RWB, we met great Americans that donated to the cause, we had fun, and we got to help make the finish line memorable for hundreds as we passed out large American flags for the finishers to carry down the finish chute.  REV3, as an organization, is spectacular! The time, coverage, race slots, and more that they agave us, as a non-profit, was truly priceless. They are true professionals and we hope to be at many of their races in the future!  We want to wish a special CONGRATULATIONS to all of our athletes who successfully toed the line, especially those who took on the 140.6: Eric B., Ray R., Ryan M., and Mike M., you DID IT!!

Check out the Age Group recap to catch glimpse of some our athletes as well as to see how incredible REV3's tribute to honor the memory of those lost in the 9/11 attacks, 10 years ago, and to all the Fallen Heroes who have given their lives since. A very powerful video of a very incredible day for racing and paying tribute!

Cajun Man Triathlon Lafayette, LA
Jason M. takes rocking RWB to a NEW level! SWEET!
Wow! What a spectacular day coordinated by the team of great Americans that are Team RWB Louisiana! They did some great work in coordinating to partner with the race, so we're grateful to the Cajun Man Tri for letting us be a part! But what an incredible showing from all of our athletes.  Be sure to check out their Facebook page for tons of pictures like this one--and keep an eye out for the AWESOME and RWB DECKED out tri-bike of Jason M.!  Now if that doesn't say RWB, I don't know what does!
Team RWB LA runs it in together at Cajun Man!

Ironman Wisconsin: 
Team RWB Pro Jessica Jacobs wins IMWI
Team RWB Pro-Ambassador Jessica Jacobs and several RWB age group athletes toed the line at the famous Ironman Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin.  We are so proud of how they did, and we are especially proud of Jess as she became a 2xIronman Champion (she won IMFL '10 too).  She did so after a year of moving, transition, losing her father, and saying good-bye to her husband as he deployed to Iraq.  As a former Army Captain, current Army wife, Mom, patriot, and Team RWB athlete, it is so fitting and awesome that she took the title on this day! Congratulations, Jess and ALL our Ironman finishers! Re:ad about Jess' win HERE in LAVA Magazine.

 SuperFrog Half-Iron, Coronado, CA: 
Team RWB Pro Kathy Rakel
Our might Team RWB California crew were all over SuperFrog! Team RWB Pro-Ambassador Kathy Rakel took 2nd Overall in the Women's Elite (her first Half-Iron as a pro!), a relay team of super fast West Point Cadets representing RWB took first in their relay, as did some of our awesome Navy SEAL athletes! Team RWB is proud to have true heroes supporting heroes.  Team RWB CA leader, Joe Molina, led up a booth at the expo, and we're extremely grateful to SuperFrog for letting Team RWB be part of the race expo. SuperFrog supports the Naval SEAL Foundation and we think that what they are doing is so important! We're proud to grip hands with another great organization and look forward to many more SuperFrog and SuperSEAL events!
Team RWB CA and the West Point Cadets at Super Frog
Ironman 70.3 World Championship:
A big shout out to RWB Pro-Ambassador Jessica Meyers and Age Group Athlete Evan H. as they took on a tough and demanding 70.3 at Lake Las Vegas in Nevada.  Toeing the line with the best in the world, these two proudly gave it their all! Team RWB athlete and super-fan, Arnie L., was in attendance cheering and motivating our athletes while sporting his Team RWB colors as well! Congrats to the athletes, and thanks to Arnie for cheering on some of our very best!

We're also proud to have had athletes at the Nation's Tri in DC, Pacific Grove Tri in Monterrey (where Pro-Ambassador Derek Oskutis took 10th in the men's professional division), and so many more! Runners completed ultra-marathons in NY, PA, and DC.  A group at the Naval Post-Graduate school completed a century ride. Individuals hiked and ran.  It was an awesome day because so many came together to REMEMBER and pay TRIBUTE.  Our lives changed 10 years ago, and Team RWB did a great job of honoring the memory of those who were killed in the attacks and those service men and women who have given their lives in battle since, as well as those who are still serving.  This past weekend, you not only held Old Glory high and helped America remember and pay tribute, but in representing Team RWB you helped us in our mission to ensure we do right by our wounded veterans! Thank you TEAM RWB ATHLETES! Well done!