How do I join Team RWB? Go to www.teamrwb.org and fill out the online interest form to be an athlete! That's ALL there is to it! We will do our best to respond to your athlete forms as quickly as possible! 
What are the requirements for me to be a Team RWB Triathlete?
If you sign up straight through Team RWB and are not participating through a Team RWB acquired race slot, the only requirement is that you commit to raising awareness for Team RWB.  We would like to see our athletes do this by wearing the team colors as much as possible, through fundraising activities, and through interaction with fellow Team RWB members.  Team RWB is about relationships and doing our best to raise support and awareness for wounded veterans.  In the future we hope to offer race packages, including race slots, and there will be a manageable fundraising commitment BUT really, it's about raising awareness and developing relationships to transform the way we support wounded veterans! Join with us!

What distances do I have to race to be a Team RWB Triathlete?
You can race ANY distance you want as a Team RWB Triathlete, however, the team will host specific featured race events each year in the various distances.  See the Team RWB race page for updates soon! The goal of the featured events is to gather as many Team RWB Triathletes as possible to both race and support racers in order to provide a “critical mass” event to highlight the Team RWB cause. 

Is there a minimum fundraising goal?
No, we do not make athletes commit to raising a specific amount of money. Every dollar counts and helps so much. Only those who participate in Team RWB full race packages (TBD) will have a fundraising commitment, but again, it will be a manageable amount.

Will I know where the money goes?
YES! This is one of the cornerstones of Team RWB—building relationships between all involved.  Athletes will know for whom they are raising money, and the wounded veterans will know who their awesome triathletes are.  Team RWB will work to get some of those wounded veterans to some of the major races.  Once the Team RWB community pages are up and running, everyone involved will have an opportunity to interact with each other and learn each other’s stories. At a minimum, you will learn get the opportunity to learn about our sponsored veterans and their advocates.  You WILL SEE the fruits of your labor and generosity!

Does the team provide the uniforms or do I have to buy them?
Individual athletes will have to purchase their own uniform. To purchase uniforms please see the links to the right on the main page!

Who sponsors the team? 
Check out our sponsor page for some great sponsors, discounts, and deals! If you have any questions about these, please contact caroline.gaynor@teamrwb.org.  We encourage athletes to seek out local sponsorships who are willing to support the Team RWB cause and you as an individual triathlete racing for Team RWB!