Age Group Triathlete Profile: Rachel Beck

It's time to meet more of the team!! One of the first people to jump in with Team RWB Triathlon, Rachel is super enthusiastic, motivated, and proud to wear the RWB Eagle! We're thrilled to call her teammate! 

Name: Rachel Beck
2011 USAT Racing Age Group: 25-29
Occupation:  U.S. Army Intelligence Officer
Hometown:  Carey, Ohio

Why Triathlon?  Racing keeps me motivated to stay physically fit, and triathlon is such a great sport because it offers variety and has a great community of people.
Do you have a favorite race? I’ve only been racing a few years and have raced all over the country.  So far none of them stand out as a favorite, but a really fun race I did in 2008 was the Kure Beach Super Sprint in North Carolina where we did two ocean swims.  It has been my only ocean swim race so far and being at the beach for the weekend and the race was a blast.
What is your best race memory? When I raced in the Tri For the Cure Arizona in April 2010 I felt great the entire race and knew I was moving at a fast pace.  I ended up placing 2nd in my age group which is the only time I’ve placed in a race.  I use that for extra motivation, to remind myself that I did it before so I can do it again.
When you reach the point of the race where you have to dig down deep, what do use as personal motivation?  At that point I try to lift my head up and physically straighten up my posture to feel a little stronger, and I just remind myself that if others can do it, I can too.  At the end of the race I don’t want to feel like I didn’t give everything.
What is your favorite leg of a triathlon and why? The bike because it’s my fastest event.
What is your favorite race distance, and why? So far I’ve only competed in Sprint distances, but this year I will be doing 2 Olympic distances to see how I like the longer races.
Besides triathlon, what do you do for fun? Scuba diving, cooking, reading, travel, and cheering on Ohio State and Army sports!
Why Team RWB and supporting our military? As an Army officer, I understand how important the Team RWB cause is.  I enjoy racing for a cause – it helps me stay motivated, so when I had the opportunity to support a military cause, I was happy to join the team.  Since I’ve started sporting some of my Team RWB gear I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what it is, and I really enjoy spreading the word about the great cause.  I’m looking forward to this racing season more than any other because I already feel the incredible support from the Team RWB athletes and am looking forward to raising money for our veterans who truly need it.
Any other fun tidbits you’d like the team to know? Anything? I’m currently a graduate student at The Ohio State University so I love giving Mike Erwin (Team RWB founder) a hard time about how often we beat his Wolverines in football – but it’s a friendly rivalry!  I’m studying City and Regional Planning and interning as a planning assistant at the City of Dublin, so I stay plenty busy between all of my triathlon training!

Planned 2011 Race Schedule:
 February 6, 2011 – Indoor Triathlon at Ohio State (Sprint)– Columbus, Ohio
May 7, 2011 – Columbus Half Marathon – Columbus, Ohio
June 12, 2011 – Wendy’s International Triathlon (Sprint) – Lewis Center, Ohio
June 19, 2011 – D.C. Triathlon (Olympic) – Washington, D.C.
August 28, 2011 – Outer Limits Triathlon (Sprint) – Columbus, Ohio
September 11, 2011 – Nation’s Triathlon (Olympic) – Washington, D.C.
October 16, 2011 – Columbus Half Marathon – Columbus, Ohio
November 20, 2011 – Ironman Arizona – as a volunteer


Team RWB and Ironman Texas

Team RWB triathletes, friends, and family!
  WE ARE GOING TO BE AT IRONMAN TEXAS IN THE WOODLANDS, TX ON 21 MAY 2011! We are SO very excited about the Ironman Texas race weekend.  Not only do we have some of  our fast and amazing Team RWB Pro-Triathletes racing (Tim O'Donnell and Jessica Jacobs) and some of our awesome Team RWB age group athletes, we will also be OPERATING Run Aid Station #4!  Racers will come by the Team RWB aid station 3 times during the course of their 26.2 mile run and pursuit of the finish line.  This is OUR opportunity to motivate and inspire over 2800 athletes as they take on one the toughest endurance events out there!  We plan to make the Team RWB aid station the LOUDEST, MOST FUN, and MOST MEMORABLE aid station on the course!
  Why are we doing this?  Because Team RWB is about COMMUNITY and the Greater Houston area is home to a large number of Team RWB athletes and has an active advocate program in place.  By showing the community how much fun we can have, we also execute our mission and raise awareness about Team RWB! This is just another way for us to join with the community and with athletes to raise awareness and support for our wounded veterans!  And seriously, it's going to be FUN and gives YOU an opportunity to have a FRONT seat to what will be one of the most competitive Ironman races outside of the World Championship in Hawaii!! We want to make sure that we provide athletes like Tim O'Donnell and Jessica Jacobs with as much motivation and free speed possible each time they pass our aid station!! This will be Tim's first Ironman, and Jessica's first of 2011 (she won Ironman Florida in 2010!), and both are on the hunt to qualify for the Ironman World Championship.  This is just another GREAT reason to come out and support.
  If you'd like to help us out, please visit CLICK HERE and select “Team Red, White & Blue” from the drop down menu. The case-sensitive password is: teamRWB.  Pick a shift and get ready to have FUN!
  Notice, I mentioned we're excited about the WEEKEND.  Saturday will be a great party at the Team RWB aid station, and then on Sunday evening there will be an opportunity for all of us to gather together, EAT, celebrate the race, and learn more about what Team RWB is doing!  We'll also have some pretty sweet raffle prizes!  We're still finalizing the dinner details, but as soon as we have them all, you will get an invite! So, reserve some time on your schedule for Ironman Texas and let your friends and family know! Let's make this an AMAZING weekend!
Team RWB Triathlon


Age Group Triathlete Profile: The Husband and Wife Duo of

      And we're back with more amazing profiles of amazing Team RWB athletes! Today we bring you TWO athlete profiles.  Meet husband and wife duo, Anthony and Michelle Bozarth! Thanks for all you do Michelle and Anthony! We look forward to hearing your race reports from this year--look for Michelle to be rocking the women's 25-29 age group!
Name: Michelle Bozarth 
Nickname:  Gee (maiden name)
2011 USAT Racing Age Group: F25-29
Occupation: Hampton Roads Neurosurgical and Spine Specialists as a PA-C
Hometown:  Wilmington DE

Why Triathlon? When my husband deployed to Iraq, training for triathlon gave me an outlet to relieve stress, form friendships, and give me goals to focus on while he was away.  It gave me strength to focus on something other than worry or sadness during deployments and became something I truly loved and had a strong passion for

Do you have a favorite race?  Winning the ITU dextro Sprint tri in Washington DC in 2009.  It was my first overall win and I was able to share it with my husband in none other than his favorite place:  Our nation’s capital!
What is your best race memory?  Qualifying for Clearwater in 2009 and having my husband look more excited and proud than I was!
When you reach the point of the race where you have to dig down deep, what do use as personal motivation?  I think about Anthony deploying….knowing that there is nothing that I can go through in a race that could compare to some of the things he had to face during a tour …and I’m able to dig a little deeper.
What is your favorite leg of a triathlon and why?  Definitely the run…almost home!
What is your favorite race distance, and why?  So far, the 70.3 distance, although I’m training for an Ironman this year and get the feeling that this may be my favorite, we’ll see!
Besides triathlon, what do you do for fun?  Play with our 2 weimaraners :  gunner and Harley, go to the beach, enjoy anything outside in the summer
Why Team RWB and supporting our military?
I was looking to join a team to make racing not just about me and my own personal goals, but to do it for something bigger and a way to give back. My husband is currently an active duty EOD tech stationed at Ft. Story in Virginia Beach.  I have been fortunate to support him through 3 deployments to Iraq/Afghanistan and have come to understand through his service, what it’s like to be a true patriot.  His service has inspired me and I’d like to give back in some small way!  Having a husband who is active duty, who has also been involved in Wounded EOD warrior project, gave me inspiration to race in support of the military. I’d be honored to be selected and race with the RWB colors! 
Anything else you'd like us to know? Please check out: michellebozarth.blogspot.com
2011 Race Schedule:
12- Feb  Virginia is for Lovers 14k
20-Mar  Shamrock Half Marathon
2-  Apr   70.3 Oceanside CA
7- May   White Lake Half ironman I haven’t decided yet
15-May  Rev 3 Knoxville or Kinetic Half Ironman
12-Jun   70.3 Eagleman
24-Jun   Philly Tri
24-Jul     Ironman Lake Placid
5-Nov    Ironman Florida
*others based on qualification



      Name: Anthony Bozarth              
Nickname: Boz
2011 USAT Racing Age Group: M25-29
Occupation: Navy EOD technician
Hometown:  Memphis, TN.
Do you have a favorite race? Patriot Triathlon in Williamsburg, VA.
What is your best race memory?  Racing the DC ITU race with my wife in 2009.
When you reach the point of the race where you have to dig down deep, what do use as personal motivation? I just think about how great it will feel to be done with the race.
What is your favorite leg of a triathlon and why? The bike.  I have always loved to ride my bike.
What is your favorite race distance, and why? The sprint. Short and fast.
Besides triathlon, what do you do for fun? I play ice hockey, race mountain, road, and BMX bikes and hangout with my family.
Why Team RWB and supporting our military? I love the USA and I currently serve in the U.S Navy.

2011 Race Schedule:
The Virginia Triathlon series