Team RWB Elite Ambassador: Brad Williams

After a very successful year, to include a stellar 9:36 at Kona, Brad Williams, a member of the US Air Force, has taken the step to join Team RWB as one of our Elite Ambassadors! We're thrilled to have him as part of the Team representing from across the world in Korea! Team RWB- Meet Brad Williams!
Brad Williams triumphantly finishes Kona 2011
Name: Brad Williams
Nickname: Bad Brad (been around since I was 4 years old and caught back on in H.S.)
Age: 25
Do you have a Twitter account where people can follow you? A blog?
Do you have a significant other and kids? Single and no kids
When did you get into triathlon and why? I got into triathlon while I was stationed at Osan AB, South Korea.  I had already been here a year and had wasted the whole first year partying and doing what most 21 year olds do.  In 2008 I saw a flyer for a sprint triathlon and in March of 2008 I started training and have been hooked ever since.
Do you have a favorite race? I would have to say Kona was my all time favorite, but a close second would have to be Wildflower.  The environment at both races is just electrifying and really exciting.
What is your best race memory?  Getting to Kona on my first attempt via IM Korea.  Then showing up to Kona and not being “known” in the military circle of athletes.  I was not the official representative for the Air Force but had a break through race and finished 2nd Overall out of all the military athletes.  Being able to cross the line at Kona with the US Flag, was by far the most emotional and exciting times during a race.
When you reach the point of the race where you have to dig down deep, what do use as personal motivation?  I started racing for a purpose in September of 2010 and that is when digging down deep became a little easier.  Each race I would chose something different to race for and whatever I was racing that race for is what I would use to get me through the tough patches.
What is your favorite leg of a triathlon and why? I think training is probably the best part of triathlon, because it is the journey that gets you to the start line.  Oh wait you said leg of triathlon ;)  I am not a good swimmer by any means, so you can rule that out really quick, but I would say it would have to be the run, because that is where the race is either won or lost.
What is your favorite pre-race food? My go to food on race morning is instant oatmeal, it is easy to travel with and when traveling through Asia having an easy food that you can take everywhere is key.  I usually go with the Apple Cinnamon flavor.
What is your favorite post-race food? Anything and everything in sight, and then of course a cold beer.
Besides triathlon, what do you do for fun? Triathlon takes up a majority of my time, and then on top of that I take 5-6 college classes a year.  So there isn’t much time for anything else.  But once school is done and I find some more time in my life I will get back to snow skiing, water skiing, golfing, camping, fishing, pretty much anything outdoors.
Why Team RWB and supporting the military? I started racing for a purpose in September of 2010, and since then I have changed that purpose every race.  I like that Team RWB focuses on wounded veterans and getting them back into the “real world”.  I couldn’t think of a better way to do that than with something that I love with endurance events.  It is a great way to meet people and make a great network of friends throughout the world.  You never know what tomorrow will bring you, and I could be a wounded veteran tomorrow needing a fellow Team RWB member to help me out.  I feel fortunate to be on the helping side of things and hope that I can make a small difference in someone’s life.

Significant Race History/Results:
- 2011 IM World Champs 2nd Overall Military finisher: 9:36:39 32nd/94 Age Group/225th Overall
-2011 IM Korea- 10:00:31 4th/44 Age Group/19th Amateur
-2011 Silicon Valley LC Tri- 1st/21 Age Group/3rd Overall
-2011 IM 70.3 Singapore- 4:34:39 3rd/98 Age Group/19th Amateur
-2011 DMZ Road Race- Male 20’s Age Group Winner/1st Finisher
-2010 DMZ Half Marathon-1:18:55 13th/1,362 Overall
-2010 Chuncheon Marathon- 2:58:12 98th/12,020 Overall
-2009 IM 70.3 China- 5:16:34 1st/3 Age Group/4th Amateur
-2009 Air Force Marathon- 3:11:54 #1 USAFE Male Runner
-2009 IM 70.3 World Champs- 4:39:26 37th/55 Age Group
-2008 Osan AB Sprint Tri (First Triathlon)


Team RWB at Ironman Arizona

Are you racing Ironman Arizona and want to join in on some Team RWB activities? We'd LOVE to have you and we have a few get togethers planned for race weekend and some cheer areas, so join us! Click and read more here:
TEAM RWB IMAZ Newsletter


Thanks! More to come! Stay tuned!

Thanks so much to all of you that bid on the aerobars and a big cheer to Bryan, who happens to be an RWB athlete (we didn't expect that!), who won the auction! Thanks for helping us make a difference!

Congratulations to the many military athletes that finished Kona last week! It was inspirational to watch so many of you cross the finish line! Our favorite pro at the race and RWB athlete, Tim O'Donnell, had a rough day of it.  You can only puke so many times on the bike...Nevertheless, his efforts raised over $12,500 for Team RWB! Tim, like so many of our athletes, look beyond the finish line and know that there is MORE out there than just racing and that we owe so much to those that come back from war with wounds, visible and invisible.  So, thanks Tim!! Word is he might be at Ironman Arizona, so we look forward to cheering him and 10-15 RWB athletes to a great day there.  We also had athletes conquer REV3 South Carolina last weekend.  REV3 continues to put on great races and is expanding in 2012 to more race sites--perfect for all of us who love racing in new places! Be sure to check them out!

While the season is winding down--we do have athletes racing Beach 2 Battleship, Ironman Florida, Ironman Arizona, and likely more that we have missed.

We're currently working on our plans for 2012.  A lot of our plans depend upon YOU, our athletes, and where you think we ought to focus on races.  If you're willing to get a group of RWB athletes to race a specific race in your area, or coordinate with Race Directors to make RWB a part of the triathlon, then let us know and we'll help you out!

So, to those of you who have wrapped up the triathlon season--enjoy the off-season, keep some of that base, and set yours eyes forward! To those who still have some big marks on the wall, press on and have some great races! As always, if you have ideas or questions, please email brittany@teamrwb.org or steve@teamrwb.org and we'll do our best to help you out! Bigger and better everyday with a focus like a laser beam on helping out those wounded heroes who given so much! To learn more, be sure to go to www.TeamRWB.org.


Team RWB Pro-Ambassador Kathy Rakel's SuperFrog Report- 9/11

As we reported in our last blog, Kathy Rakel trekked her way from Arizona to Coronado, CA and joined our Team RWB California crew on tackling the SuperFrog Triathlon.  Take a moment to read her account about race day on her blog Kathy Rakel and SuperFrog (<--click there).

Thanks for sharing, Kathy! Kathy also has a new website, so if you're interested in following the adventures of a rising pro-triathlete, bookmark and follow her on www.kathyrakel.com.

Whether you're a Team RWB Pro or Age Grouper, we are always looking for your race reports, stories, and pictures! If you're interested in sharing your blog or race report here, please let us know via Facebook or email Brittany (brittany@teamrwb.org).  Keep up the great work, you all are inspiring! 


Team RWB Tri and 9/11 Race Weekend

REV 3 Cedar Point, OH 

Team RWB at REV3 Cedar Point: RWB Booth Group Photo
Team RWB had an AMAZING time at REV3 Cedar Point.  Our athletes did amazing, we met tons of great new people interested in RWB, we met great Americans that donated to the cause, we had fun, and we got to help make the finish line memorable for hundreds as we passed out large American flags for the finishers to carry down the finish chute.  REV3, as an organization, is spectacular! The time, coverage, race slots, and more that they agave us, as a non-profit, was truly priceless. They are true professionals and we hope to be at many of their races in the future!  We want to wish a special CONGRATULATIONS to all of our athletes who successfully toed the line, especially those who took on the 140.6: Eric B., Ray R., Ryan M., and Mike M., you DID IT!!

Check out the Age Group recap to catch glimpse of some our athletes as well as to see how incredible REV3's tribute to honor the memory of those lost in the 9/11 attacks, 10 years ago, and to all the Fallen Heroes who have given their lives since. A very powerful video of a very incredible day for racing and paying tribute!

Cajun Man Triathlon Lafayette, LA
Jason M. takes rocking RWB to a NEW level! SWEET!
Wow! What a spectacular day coordinated by the team of great Americans that are Team RWB Louisiana! They did some great work in coordinating to partner with the race, so we're grateful to the Cajun Man Tri for letting us be a part! But what an incredible showing from all of our athletes.  Be sure to check out their Facebook page for tons of pictures like this one--and keep an eye out for the AWESOME and RWB DECKED out tri-bike of Jason M.!  Now if that doesn't say RWB, I don't know what does!
Team RWB LA runs it in together at Cajun Man!

Ironman Wisconsin: 
Team RWB Pro Jessica Jacobs wins IMWI
Team RWB Pro-Ambassador Jessica Jacobs and several RWB age group athletes toed the line at the famous Ironman Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin.  We are so proud of how they did, and we are especially proud of Jess as she became a 2xIronman Champion (she won IMFL '10 too).  She did so after a year of moving, transition, losing her father, and saying good-bye to her husband as he deployed to Iraq.  As a former Army Captain, current Army wife, Mom, patriot, and Team RWB athlete, it is so fitting and awesome that she took the title on this day! Congratulations, Jess and ALL our Ironman finishers! Re:ad about Jess' win HERE in LAVA Magazine.

 SuperFrog Half-Iron, Coronado, CA: 
Team RWB Pro Kathy Rakel
Our might Team RWB California crew were all over SuperFrog! Team RWB Pro-Ambassador Kathy Rakel took 2nd Overall in the Women's Elite (her first Half-Iron as a pro!), a relay team of super fast West Point Cadets representing RWB took first in their relay, as did some of our awesome Navy SEAL athletes! Team RWB is proud to have true heroes supporting heroes.  Team RWB CA leader, Joe Molina, led up a booth at the expo, and we're extremely grateful to SuperFrog for letting Team RWB be part of the race expo. SuperFrog supports the Naval SEAL Foundation and we think that what they are doing is so important! We're proud to grip hands with another great organization and look forward to many more SuperFrog and SuperSEAL events!
Team RWB CA and the West Point Cadets at Super Frog
Ironman 70.3 World Championship:
A big shout out to RWB Pro-Ambassador Jessica Meyers and Age Group Athlete Evan H. as they took on a tough and demanding 70.3 at Lake Las Vegas in Nevada.  Toeing the line with the best in the world, these two proudly gave it their all! Team RWB athlete and super-fan, Arnie L., was in attendance cheering and motivating our athletes while sporting his Team RWB colors as well! Congrats to the athletes, and thanks to Arnie for cheering on some of our very best!

We're also proud to have had athletes at the Nation's Tri in DC, Pacific Grove Tri in Monterrey (where Pro-Ambassador Derek Oskutis took 10th in the men's professional division), and so many more! Runners completed ultra-marathons in NY, PA, and DC.  A group at the Naval Post-Graduate school completed a century ride. Individuals hiked and ran.  It was an awesome day because so many came together to REMEMBER and pay TRIBUTE.  Our lives changed 10 years ago, and Team RWB did a great job of honoring the memory of those who were killed in the attacks and those service men and women who have given their lives in battle since, as well as those who are still serving.  This past weekend, you not only held Old Glory high and helped America remember and pay tribute, but in representing Team RWB you helped us in our mission to ensure we do right by our wounded veterans! Thank you TEAM RWB ATHLETES! Well done!


Team RWB at REV3 Cedar Point

Hey Triathletes!
  If you're going to be racing the Half or Full REV at REV3 Cedar Point make sure and come say hi to Team RWB! We will be hosting an official booth for the very first time at the REV3 Expo!! REV3 has been amazingly kind and generous in involving us and supporting us in this race! Because of the significance of the race being on the 10th Anniversary of 9-11 attacks, we, in partnership, with REV3 are working to put US Flags in the hands of all of the spectators as well as have flags available for all RWB athletes finishing the Half-REV and for ALL athletes finishing the Full-REV.
  We will have a Team RWB dinner and group photo meet up.  For more information, please click below for a newsletter highlighting Team RWB's involvement at REV3 Cedar Point.  Please send any questions to Brittany (brittany@teamrwb.org) about how to be involved at REV3 Cedar Point (registration closes on 31 August, so you STILL have time to register for the race!) or if you would like to attend the dinner meet up!
  See you there, and THANK YOU REV3 for making us a part of this great race!
Team RWB and REV3 Cedar Point Newsletter (<<--Click for more information)
It's Our Turn!
Team RWB Triathlon


July Newsletter

Please also be sure to fill out the following survey to help us better network athletes, encourage you at races, and more! 
We hope you are having a SUPER summer and triathlon season! Many of you are proudly wearing the team kit at races everywhere and it is doing more than you know to spread the Team RWB word! For those of you who bought cycling jerseys or uniforms from the 2nd order, that order has arrived.  Our volunteer Merchandise Managers (Kurt and Haley) are sorting through all of the orders, packaging, and shipping them as quickly as possible.  Please give 2-3 weeks for delivery as they have A LOT to do and they are volunteers!  If you are concerned about having it for a race, please email haley@teamrwb.org and let her know.  If you haven’t ordered a uniform yet, we have plenty so buy one today and you’ll be the sharpest looking patriot at your next race!
  In expectation of winter, we are going to place an order for some winter gear, specifically Cycling Jackets, Arm Warmers, and Wind Vests.  This is a PRE-PAY order only! Details are in the newsletter, but the deadline for ordering is 8 AUGUST! Don’t delay, we’ll likely only get one of these orders in for the winter and we do not currently have the funds to invest in winter item inventory.  Just like the tri-kits, these will be high quality K-Swiss items!
  We have a lot of upcoming races for which you can still register: REV3 Cedar Point (some charity fundraising slots still exist! Email brittany@teamrwb.org), Super Frog Half-Iron (San Diego), and CajunMan Sprint (Louisiana).  PLUS, just like we had an AWESOME time at Ironman Texas in May, we will be doing it again in May of 2012!  Team RWB will man an aid station on the run again (tons of fun and motivation for the racers) AND we already have several athletes signed up to race. The race is STILL OPEN—so if you’re thinking about an Ironman, come join your teammates in The Woodlands next May! You won’t be disappointed and there will be plenty of Team RWB motivation to keep you moving!
  Lastly, we encourage you to please visit our sponsors for your equipment, coaching, and training plan needs! These great friends are giving a lot to Team RWB and especially to you, the athlete! Supporting them is also supporting us!  And oh by the way, they've got some phenomenal gear!

Beat the heat, train hard, race hard, have fun, and remember IT’S OUR TURN!

Brittany, Steve, Haley and Kurt


Athlete Profile: Jordi Goodman

Hey Team RWB! Today we bring you a FIRED UP Team RWB triathlete--meet Jordi Goodman!! While fairly new to the sport, Jordi has jumped in with both feet.  Not only has he embraced long course racing, Jordi, along with some other fired up RWB athletes in Louisiana (Jon and Jason--the 3J's of LA) are working to establish a solid Team RWB presence throughout the state of LA.  To quote Jon, "We're going to paint Louisiana Red, White, and Blue!"  With Jordi spearheading the efforts in LA, and helping to establish a solid model for implementation across the US, we couldn't be more thankful and grateful for his support, leadership, and enthusiasm! Proud to have you on as a teammate, Jordi!

Name: Jordi Goodman
Nickname: WOUT         
2011 USAT Racing Age Group: 20-24
Occupation: Research Associate in Real Estate Development
Washington, DC; but currently in Louisiana
Jordi (L) and Jason (R) at a race in Louisiana

Why Triathlon? I love the way it makes me feel, and love being in the best shape of my life every day.  The speed is becoming a serious addiction, too.

Do you have a favorite race? Just starting out, so not yet!

What is your best race memory? Beating my time by five minutes in my first race, Mardi Gras Half Marathon

When you reach the point of the race where you have to dig down deep, what do use as personal motivation? My dad.  Amazing guy and endurance athlete, tough as nails.

What is your favorite leg of a triathlon and why? Running--I love the way your legs feel after getting off a long bike ride.  Spent, but still rolling.  It feels amazing.

What is your favorite race distance, and why? Half Iron, I love the challenge and am building up to full iron by 2012.

Besides triathlon, what do you do for fun? Spend time with my dog and play all kinds of sports.  I love to read, write, and travel!

Why Team RWB and supporting our military? I would love to do anything I can to help these amazing people, whether it'd be fundraising, volunteering my time, or promoting the team.  Our military affords us with amazing the opportunities we have every day, and since I love endurance sports and triathlon, this seemed like a great way to get back.  I think endurance sports are an amazing thing and are a great channel for veterans.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for our soldiers and veterans and will be forever indebted to them for the amazing contributions they make to our country.  Since endurance sports are a passion of mine, I thought Team RWB would be a good place to harness something I really love for myself into something productive for people who do so much for me.

Any other fun tidbits you’d like the team to know?  I'm new to tri but am a long time runner and am really getting addicted.  Going to be here for the long haul, it's an amazing thing and though I'm just a young aspiring Ironman triathlete, I am very committed to my training and really love it.

2011 Race Schedule: Mardi Gras Half Marathon (Done), Run on the Bayou 10k (done), Pelicanman Duathlon (Done), IM 70.3 New Orleans (Done), Berlin Marathon, IM 70.3 Miami, MS 150 Bike Ride


Athlete Profile: Arnie Lachner

Over the spring you got to meet several of our pro-ambassadors here on their blog, as well as a couple of our awesome age group athletes. These next few weeks you're going to get to meet a lot of our Team RWB Age Group athletes. Today, we introduce you to Arnie Lachner.  Arnie has already been a HUGE force and supporter behind Team RWB.  His efforts resulted in some great raffle prizes and silent auction items at the Team RWB Ironman Texas dinner.  He volunteered at IMTX, hosted one of our pro's (Jess Jacobs) and her family during the race, and more.  He has great ideas and even greater energy, and is an Army veteran as well! We're very proud to count Arnie among our ranks and are grateful for his service to the nation!

Name: Arnie Lachner
Age: 51
Occupation: Computer Programmer
Hometown: Houston, TX
Team RWB Athletes Steve Burns (L) and Arnie Lachner (R) at the CapTex Tri on Memorial Day

     2011 Race Schedule:  
  • USA Fit half marathon (5th in age group)
  • Bill Crew Remission Run 5K (2nd in Age Group)
  • Austin half marathon (24/306 in Age Group)
  • Champions Triathlon (1st place!)
  • Lonestar Sprint (2nd in Age Group)
  • New Orleans 5150 (5th in Age Group)
  • Capital of Texas (20/64)
  • Lake Pflugerville Tri
  • BridgeLand Tri
  • AG National Championships
  • Austin Tri
  • Houston Tri
  • Kerrvile Sprint
  • Maybe some others, Austin 70.3 maybe....                                             
      Do you have Twitter or a website so fellow athletes can follow you? @alachner and of course you can follow me though I don’t know why you would want to! Also, check out my blog to follow my journey:  http://racewitharnie.blogspot.com/

Why Team RWB and supporting our military? I was in the US Army for 10 years during the cold war (1979 – 1989), most of that time as a paratrooper in the 82d Airborne Division. I was in the Army when it wasn’t cool.  We were second class citizens in town, fathers wouldn’t let us date their daughters, and nobody cared what sacrifices we made.  I don’t want that to happen to the young men and women serving today. I’ve spent a lot of time these past years thinking of my brothers in arms.  Perhaps there is something now I can do to give back.

Why Triathlon?  Ten years ago my doctor told me that if I didn’t get active I would regret it.  Two years ago my doctor said I was obese.  I started spinning at the gym, and then added a few short runs for diversity.  With my 50th birthday just months away I thought a triathlon would be a great birthday present to me.  I recently bought a pair of shorts the same size as my 18 year old gymnast son!
Do you have a favorite race?  Not in the sense you are thinking.  My favorite race is a tie between the last one I did and the next one coming up!  That could all change this year if I meet my goal.

What is your best race memory?  Stopping for hugs with my family at 6 miles into the run last year at the Austin Longhorn HIM.

When you reach the point of the race where you have to dig down deep, what do use as personal motivation?  My father-in-law recently underwent surgery for bladder and prostate cancer.  Seeing what he went through makes my current struggles seem trivial.

What is your favorite leg of a triathlon and why?  It must be the run.  I can’t see what’s happening around me during the swim, and I know I get passed on the bike leg.  The run is where I make up my ground.

What is your favorite race distance, and why?  Easy – the Olympic distance!  A sprint is too short, you barely get warmed up and it is over.  While I raced in 3 HIM last year, I found them to be a bit of a suffer fest.  With the Olympic distance I can go out hard and it is over in about 2.5 hours.

Besides triathlon, what do you do for fun?  My wife and I love going to concerts.  I had to stop buying t-shirts because my closet is full of them!  We’re still waiting for Van Halen, and Led Zeppelin!

Any other fun tidbits you’d like the team to know? Anything?  The 10 years I spent in the Army were the best of times.  Racing in triathlons is a close second and could break away with some success this year.  

A fun Team RWB Fact--Arnie BEAT pro-ambassador Tim O'Donnell....IN A BIDDING WAR! Arnie took home the amazing Team RWB Tri painting at the Ironman Texas Dinner:
Tim congratulates Arnie on his win!

This beauty resides with Arnie in Houston, TX!