Memorial Day Run

Teammates - 

As members of Team RWB, this weekend likely means a little more to you than a day off of work.  It is a chance for us to reflect on our gratitude to the men and women who serve, remember friends or family members who have been lost, and be thankful for the freedoms we are so privileged to live with.  For many of us, the long weekend may mean racing, or the chance to spend a little extra time with the ones who mean the most to us, or both.  However, if you are looking for something extra this weekend, consider the following: http://www.wearblueruntoremember.org/wear-blue-runs-for-the-fallen.html.  

From the website, the event is described as: 

This Memorial Day, we are asking members of our worldwide community to hit the streets and run in honor of the fallen.  A long run, or short walk, the distance doesn't matter.  But we are asking members to go online and pledge miles in honor of the Fallen so that together we can create a community dedicated to honoring the ultimate sacrifice.

While Americans may pause to reflect, for many, Memorial Day represents a long 
weekend typically filled with backyard celebrations and sunshine.  For members of wear blue: run to remember, it is a day to remember each life sacrificed in a positive, 
life-affirming way.  

It is not about pledging money, it's about pledging miles so that together we can create a living memorial.  How many miles should you run?  What number is meaningful to you?
    3 miles for the 3 years you have been deployed?
    5 miles for the 5 branches of the American Military?
    9 miles for the 9 times you moved while in the military?
    11 miles for the 11 years since September 11, 2001?

As a member of Team RWB, you are already involved, and that is a wonderful thing - wearing the Eagle with blue would make a powerful statement this Memorial Day and, as the website suggests, be a life-affirming way to remember those who have sacrificed for us all.  

Happy Memorial Day and happy trails.  

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